We in our Long-Term Care division had a policy put in place for July 1, 2021, which included:

You must disclose to the region if you are vaccinated

If you are not vaccinated, you must have medical regarding why you are unable to be vaccinated.

If it is a humane rights reason, i.e. religion, you need to provide a new form.

If you are not vaccinated, you will need to undergo regular testing and go through the education piece on the Vine.

As per the CAO update:

 I work in a division that deals with vulnerable populations. What obligations do I have in addition to this policy and procedure? 

For those who work in divisions where division-specific COVID-19 vaccination policies and procedures are in place, you are required to comply with divisional requirements in addition to this policy and procedure. Where any policy conflict occurs between a corporate and divisional policy, the divisional policy will take precedence.

 There is a conflict between the policies so we will be following ours. Being fully vaccinated is a condition of employment for all new hires/students.

If you have any questions, please give the Union a call at 905 732 4989

Thank you,

CUPE 1263