Please take the time to care and sign the letter.

On October 28th, the Time to Care Act, Bill 13, will go to 2nd reading in the Ontario legislature. The bill would ensure a minimum daily average of 4 hours of hands on care per resident in every long-term care home in the province. The bill reflects the recommendations of the Ministry of Long-Term Care’s own special Advisory Group on staffing in long-term care.

This is the fourth time this legislation is up for debate in the Ontario Legislature.  The last time it was debated, near the end of the Liberal government’s term, every Conservative MPP voted in favour at 2nd reading.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed just how critical a legislated care standard is. Without it, residents in long-term care homes, the epicenter of the crisis, are more vulnerable than ever.

MPPs must support the Time to Care Act at 2nd reading for it to be referred to the committee for public hearings and then to the 3rd reading before a final vote making it law.

And the government has the ability, which they have used often since the onset of the pandemic, to fast track legislation to become law.

Our representatives must take action and support Bill 13 to ensure that front-line workers have the Time to Care.