Minutes from May 2021 General Membership Meeting

May 3, 2021

General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order at 9:04am and 6:04pm

Equality Statement read by Linda D’Addario

Indigenous Territorial Acknowledgement read by Melissa Mathes

We have two new Members in Good Standing applications.

Motion to accept the new members

AM-M: Linda D’Addario        S: Tanya Ward        carried

PM-M: Tanya Ward              S: Cathay Pirson     carried.

Roll Call of Officers

Minutes of April 12, 2021 GMM read by Diane Cormier

Motion to accept the minutes as read

AM-M: Stephanie Fratangelo       S:  Michelle Bradley     carried

PM-M: Janet Furgiele          S: Vicki Lowe           carried

Treasurer’s Report presented by Tanya Ward

Motion to accept report as presented

AM-M: Kelly Diamond        S: Daphne Hodder       carried

PM-M: Linda D’Addario       S: Tammy Howell       carried

Communications and Bills: Thank you for flowers from Linda Thompson, Tammie Hague, Denia Lamigo, Michelle Roy,  Eden Gardigan, Doreen Bastell, Joanne Brown, Anita Sharma and Glenda Sheehan. Thank you for planter from Carrie Lambourne.

Brittany Nesbitt from Local 2977 will be offering for the position of 4th VP at the OD and is asking for our support.

Executive Reports

WSIB/RTW-April 28th was National Day of Mourning. CUPE, OFL and CLC have petitions online to sign. May 2-8 is Mental Health Week and May is Mental Health Month.

Region EFAP is changing its name to Lifeworks. New Microsite being launched May 2. Reminder- EFAP offers more than counselling such as health, finances, careers, fitness, etc.

Mental Health Index shows no bounce back in the mental health of the working population compared to 2019.

Continuing with online return to work meetings and support for members over the phone. Some members are completing Employee Incident Reports for nasal swab issues

At the direction of WSIB, one employer is recalculating the average hours of modified work being offered to injured part time employees based on 52 weeks prior to injury. This is resulting in the reduction of hours for some members.

Please remember to be kind and supportive to your coworkers.

VP Private-Had prep for bargaining with Tufford Manor on April 29, 30th. Bargaining to start on May 12th pending   signature of MOS. Nursing Home MOS signed and bargaining set to begin May 10th.

Grievance filed for termination.

Interest Arb date for Valley Park Lodge on July 12th.

VP Region-Bargaining dates for the Region in June. Waiting for response to Step 2 grievances. Met with scheduling on April 15th, Attended JJEC Committee meeting on April 14th.

NDCC-Still hoping to get some education set up for our Niagara Locals, specifically Intro to Stewarding, parts 1 and 2, and on the same day. Next meeting May 17.

Homes Reports

Deer Park Out of suspected outbreak. Down to one RPN as of May 6th.

NIGGV Agency staff working in LTC. In outbreak as of April 28th. Layoffs in Assisted Living. One retirement. Reminder-if giving a ride home to a coworker, please wear your mask.

Valley Park New Administrator started two weeks ago. Waiting on a date for ARB. Short staffed, especially in Dietary.

Linhaven Possibly out of outbreak on May 4th. Had a written warning reduced to unauthorized leave. Dan Riddel and Karleen Petrucci going to Deer Park Villa. List up for dietary staff due for Food Handlers renewal. Disciplines for PPE.

Gilmore Working short. Still waiting for a response from member on a FB related grievance. Post was two years ago. Moving staff around on the units.

Shorthills Still in outbreak but hopefully out by next week. New DOC starting in May.

Rapelje  Out of outbreak. One person grieving a shift. Concerns about staff working in more than one facility. How will the change in hours of the swab clinic affect the night shift staff? Melissa hasn’t seen the hours of the afternoon clinic yet, midnight staff may be accommodated that way.

Tufford Nursing Home bargaining to resume. Agency coming in for Registered Staff. Booking Jane has been initiated. Manor to start bargaining pending the signing of MOS. Jannean has reached out to staff working in other facilities to determine if they are eligible to return to work at the Manor.

Upper Canada  Working short on weekends. Staff that are booked not showing up. Injured midnight worker. Injuries are becoming more frequent. Working short forms are being filled out. RPNs are excited about the upcoming meeting. Less invasive swabs are still not being offered. Management prefers the deeper swabs. Melissa will deal with.

Meadows A 5 day suspension. Full time employees being moved around. If off for 5 days or more, you must have a negative Covid test result before coming back to work. Working short forms being filled out.

Positive Living One staff tested positive with a few more in quarantine.

Westpark  Problems with supervisors not offering overtime as per seniority. Managers are still staying in their offices.

Gilmore Question re: going off sick or on stress leave, can a member still be a steward? Melissa has a list of interested members and will be reaching out to them for education.

Woodlands No disciplines in April. No outbreak. Swab Clinic starting at 7am instead of 5:30am. Moving staff around.

Plymouth New General Manager. Facility was in a 10-day lockdown due to agency staff testing positive-no covid. No teamwork in dietary. Working short in dietary and nursing. One verbal warning.

Motion to accept all reports as read

AM-M: Daphne Hodder                      S: Val Macnevin                     carried

PM-M: Linda D’Addario                      S: Sharon Brazeau                 carried

New Business

If as a Steward or Unit officer and you are having to report another member, please don’t represent them as it becomes a conflict of interest later on in the process.

If your facility goes into an outbreak, you have the right to ask for an N95 mask.

There is info on the website regarding pregnancy and vaccines. Also, working short forms are available on the website under resources.

RPN meeting on May 6th via teams at 9am and 6pm.

Surveys sent out at Ina Grafton via personal email.

Regarding rallies: If you do decide to attend one, please wear a mask and don’t be out in front and center, avoid being videotaped. You could be subject to discipline or even termination.

Question around wearing of shields. Some issues with vision problems, which are also causing headaches.

If you are attending the OD, your initial registration has been done, but you must complete the registration online. Printed materials will be sent to your address before the convention.

Good of The Union

Stephanie Fratangelo to call the office to put forward a name.

Motion to adjourn at 9:51am

M: Kim Neal               S: Albert Tetteh                   carried

At 7:09pm

M: Cathy Pirson         S: Rhonda Wiley                  carried

Respectfully Submitted

Diane Cormier