Minutes from June 2021 General Membership Meeting

June 7, 2021

General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 9:07 am and 6:05 pm

Equality statement read by Kim Neal in the AM and by Melissa Mathes in the PM.

Indigenous Territorial Acknowledgement read by Melissa Mathes at both meetings.

Roll Call of Officers

Six new applications for Member in Good Standing.

Motion to accept the new members.

AM: M: Michelle Bradley    S: Stephanie Fratangelo       Carried

PM: M: Linda D’Addario      S: Val MacNevin                 Carried

Minutes of May 3, 2021 GMM read by Diane Cormier.

Motion to accept the minutes as read.

AM: M: Linda D’Addario       S: Albert Tetteh                 Carried

PM: M: Kathy Porter            S: Tamika Allison               Carried

Treasurer’s Report for April 2021 presented by Tanya Ward.

Motion to accept the report as presented.

AM: M: Tammy Howell         S: Michelle Bradley            Carried

PM: M: Kathy Porter            S: Tammy Howell              Carried

Communications and Bills

Thank yous for flowers/planters from: Sandy Orr, Robin Mclean, Sue Snider-McKinnon, Joshua Weaver, Kareema Ishaksay and Linda Chapman.

Intro to Stewarding, parts one and two being offered on June 28th & 29th via Zoom. Part one in the morning and part two in the afternoon on both days to accommodate availability.


Executive Reports

VP Private: Have had some bargaining with Tufford Nursing Home as well as Tufford Manor. Both are going to Conciliation with dates in July. GMO heard for a termination. The Grievor accepted a monetary settlement and the termination was changed to a resignation.

Valley Park going to Interest Arb in July, Ina Grafton going to Conciliation in July.

One termination, one day suspension reduced to a coaching with a pay back, one-five day suspension reduced with pay back, three day suspension reduced with payback.

Three day suspension for violating Residents Bill of Rights.

VP Region: GMO on June 22nd, hearing a termination, two day and three day suspension.

JJEC meeting on June 10th. Region coming down on members that are not completing their mandatory online education.

WSIB/RTW: Increase in number of WSIB claims. Very important to complete the Employee Incident Report immediately. You have six months to start a WSIB claim (form 6, 7 or 8), but always best to do immediately.

Online meetings: trained four RTW reps on May 31st. Anyone who is interested in being a RTW rep, please contact me by June 11 for training at the end of June.

Modified hours have been corrected. Someone at WSIB misinterpreted the Policy.

Region contract with AIG for accidental death and dismemberment has changed the waiver provision to allow coverage for entire duration at no cost for members on approved LTD.


OMERS-CUPE Ontario asking for independent  review as investment return was -2.7%, a loss of three Billion dollars when other plans saw returns.

Members do not choose to be ill or injured. Workers on modified or accommodation plans are feeling unsupported by some coworkers. Concerns have been brought forward regarding some staff being rude, questioning what the injured/ill workers are doing, gossiping, spreading rumours. If you hear anyone engaging in these behaviours, please stop them. It’s none of your business what their accommodation plan is. This is between the injured/ill worker, the employer and the Union. Instead of gossiping, support our members.

NDCC: Education via Zoom being offered for Intro to Stewarding parts one and two on June 28th and 29th. Registration deadline is June 21st and open to Niagara locals only. Sister Brittany Nisbett from Local 2977 was successful in her bid for 4th VP at the OD. Also, congratulations to NDCC President Keith Levere who is now President of his Local 4156.

Homes Reports

Deer Park: One termination, one person with top seniority being denied shift offers. Still working short due to limited Registered Staff.

Meadows: Quiet

Linhaven: one  written warning, some investigations and two retirees.

Gilmore: Working short, one termination being heard June 15th. Some staff members leaving to work at the hospital.

Upper Canada: No Covid, outdoor visits have started, working short and one day suspension.

Rapelje: Some coachings, staff questioning why family members are not required to wear goggles. Melissa looked into it and reasoning is


family members are only visiting in one place(resident’s room) whereas staff are going from room to room and resident to resident.

Tufford: NH-Several staff coming back from LOAs and stress leaves. Seven new staff hired. Agency staff working RPN and RN shifts. Individual room air conditioning units being installed on the first floor.

The Manor still has no relief staff or screeners.

Positive Living: Quiet

Westpark: The DOC left. Still some letters outstanding. Dan is dealing with them. Dehumidifier in the tub room not very helpful. Staff responsible for emptying the reservoirs. Issues with the Kardex Care Plans. Not replacing staff because of a decrease in number of beds.

Woodlands: two terminations, one written warning, recreation position at Adams Center was won.

Ina Grafton: one discipline for not getting tested until the end of shift. Staff member is taking down postings from the Union board, unable to determine who the person was. One resignation, one retiree. One staff member that tested positive is now back to work. Staff recognized on PSW Day with a succulent and a Tim Horton’s cookie. Surveys not a huge success. Will brainstorm with Melissa after June 7th. Thank you for flowers from Linda Chapman and thank you to Tammy Howell for RTW education.

Valley Park: Still no Covid. Rapid testing going well. Conmed is making shields only mandatory-no goggles allowed. Waiting on supply. Management aware that if staff get headaches, etc, they will be filling out employee incident reports. Head Office H&S said some staff might need accommodations if medically proven that shields caused any health concerns. New screening forms for staff and essential caregivers to fill out at start of every shift/visit. Issues with putting in Vacation requests-only giving weekdays.


Shorthills: New DOC okay, one staff member resigned, six call-ins over the weekend.

Plymouth: two terminations of probationary staff.

Motion to accept all reports as read.

AM: M Kim Neal                 S: Andrea Skinner                 Carried

PM: M: Kathy Porter           S: Tanya Ward                      Carried

Nominations, Elections or Installations

Nominations were held for delegates to the Virtual OFL in October.

AM Nominees: Albert Tetteh (S) Kelly Diamond (S) Kim Neal (S) Linda D’Addario (S) Diane Cormier (S) Trisha Hayes (S)

PM Nominees: Val MacNevin (S)  James Dugas (S) Kathy Porter (S)

Election for five delegates will be held in September.

Unfinished Business

An update on the transformer on the property that needed to be removed. Due to vandalism, the transformer was damaged and mineral oil leaked into the soil, requiring remediation. The total cost for the removal and remediation is 78 thousand dollars. Insurance will cover 25 thousand, leaving 53 thousand for the local to pay. The area will also be back filled.

Question: Why is this not Hydro’s responsibility?

The local became responsible with purchase of property. Vandals trying to steal the copper from the Transformer damaged it, causing the leak.


New Business

As of July 1st, all long term care homes must have a policy in place regarding Covid vaccines. If staff choose not to get the vaccine, they must either have medical documentation, renewable every year, or  attend education explaining why it’s a good reason to get the vaccine. Homes must report vaccinations. New  health care workers will likely be required to be vaccinated. Could possibly be a condition of employment. More info will be made available as we get it.

Question: What happens if we lose the slip of paper that states we’ve received the vaccines?

Ontario has a website containing a list of who has been vaccinated. You should be able to get verification that way.

Good of the Union

If you know of any member who is ill or struggling, please call the office so the local can send them a little something.

Motion to adjourn at 9:45am

M: Linda D’Addario                 S:  Trisha Hayes                  Carried

And at 6:45pm

M: Kathy Porter                  S: Tammy Howell                    Carried

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Cormier