Minutes from April 2021 General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order at 9:01am and 6:04pm
Equality statement read in the am by Linda D’Addario and in the pm by Kim Neal.
Indigenous Territorial Acknowledgement read By Melissa Mathes at both meetings.
Roll Call of Officers.
We have four new Members in Good Standing registered.

Motion to accept the new members.

AM-M: Tanya Ward S: Crystal Latham carried
PM-M; Linda D’Addario S: Sue Snider-McKinnon carried.
Minutes of March 1, 2021 GMM read by Diane Cormier.

Motion to accept the minutes as read.

AM-M: Tammy Howell S: Michelle Bradley carried
PM-M: Janet Furgiele S: Vicki Lowe carried
No matters arising from previous minutes.
Treasurer’s Report for the month of February 2021 presented by Tanya Ward.

Motion to accept the report as presented.

AM-M: Tammy Howell S: Crystal Latham carried
PM-M: Linda D’Addario S: Vicki Lowe carried
Communication and Bills: Thank you’s received for flowers sent from: Lisa
Wilkinson, Jessica Seguin, Allison McCloed, Crystal Baskin, Albert Tetteh,
Sherry Ramsden, Kaibeh Arku, Belinda and Rolando Casem, Ron
Belanger, Amber Bush, Tracey Strauss, Pauline Davis, Starsha Alegro,
Cathy Pirson and Joanne Larue. Thank you for planter from Rueben Henao
and Louise Schooley. Thank you from Local 68 and The Royal Canadian
Legion Ontario Command for the monetary donations.

The Niagara Regional Labour Council is once again offering “Psychosocial Hazards and Workplace Mental Health” on Saturday May 1, 2021 from
09:30 to 12:30. online. Deadline for registration is April 16. This must be on your own time. The local will not be doing book offs, but will pay the
registration fee. If interested, call the office and ask to be registered.

Executive Reports
WSIB/RTW 87 ongoing WSIB, LTD and non occ files. Having online meetings and assisting with filling out forms via phone. RTW Joint
Committee meeting to discuss RTW plans concerns. Managers not completing RTW plans, lack of communication/support from management
and managers requiring re training on the Region’s RTW Policy. Completed RTW rep training. Openings for RTW reps at Valley Park, Lundy Manor, Westpark, Tufford, Gateway and Linhaven. Please let me know by April 19,if interested, for training beginning of May. For the Region, Sunlife Insurance carrier has extended the time from 9 months to 2 years for members to pay Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment while on unpaid medical.

VP Private Conciliation for Valley Park did not go well today, so as of this afternoon, we are going to Interest Arbitration. Had a 1-day and a 3-day suspension. Heard a termination at Step 1 and it was denied, moving it to mediation. Hearing a termination at Step 1 on April 15/21. Hearing 3 grievances on April 16/21, 2×1-day suspension and a 3-day suspension. Shorthills is in outbreak-3 residents in hospital, 3 PSWs, 1 housekeeper
and 1 manager in isolation as per Public Health. Labour/Management meeting on April 15/21 at Tufford Nursing Home.

VP Region Heard Step 2 grievances on April6/21 and waiting on a reply.
Next Step 2 grievances will be heard on April 20/21. Attended Labour/Management today bringing forward the following concerns.

1/ LOU for staff who chose other employer over region to work during the Pandemic, you will be able to return to your position when the Pandemic is over.

2/ LOU for on sliding was outdated. Local and Region to discuss at negotiations.

3/ LOU for vacation to reflect Mon-Sun. Local and Region to discuss at negotiations.

4/ Formal Complaint forms. Local presented a Formal Complaint form that reps and Unit Officers can fill out and submit. Region agrees, but will be making some adjustments. Will revisit at next L/M meeting.
Local to meet with scheduling on April 15/21. If anyone has any concerns before that date, call the office so we can add it to our Agenda. Negotiating team will meet on April 13/21 for Regional prep for bargaining. JJEC Committee will be meeting on April 14/21.
NDCC There is still no in person education at this time. You can check out the on-line courses being offered by going to the CUPE National Website and click on the education tab to see what is being offered

Homes Reports
Deer Park Regarding swabbing if vaccinated vs not vaccinated. If you aren’t vaccinated, you will be swabbed before every shift. Hearing about
side effects of frequent swabbing such as infections in eyes, ears and mouth. Scheduling issues.
Ina Grafton 2 staff positive with possible disciplina as they have been known to socialize. One of the staff did not get tested until the end of her shift. 1 written, 1 verbal and a few resignations. Rapid Testing is now being done throughout the whole facility and not just in LTC.
Northland 1-day suspension for verbal abuse towards a resident. Surveys were helpful. Working group to work on routines. 2 formal complaints and staff still have ℅ not being swabbed in a timely manner. Reported that no
texts going out for available shifts.
Linhaven Several investigations, new menu started Easter Sunday. 1 written, 1 verbal, lots of overtime. Vacation list is up. 2 floors in outbreak, staff being moved from floor to floor. Staff being encouraged to complete their on-line learning.

Tufford Termination in March/21, 1 grievance for verbal coming up. 2 verbals given for not knowing about doing a fire check that had been put on hold. Evening shift constantly working short.
Gilmore 1 termination, working short and switching FT staff around on the floor.
Shorthills in outbreak.
Upper Canada New administrator, no Covid, continuously working short.
Rapleje 2 staff off pending investigation, both back, no discipline.Issue with staff not getting shifts over Easter weekend. New administrator and in suspected outbreak.
Plymouth 2 verbals, 1 termination. Residents confined to their rooms with tray service.
Valley Park Conciliation didn’t go well today, going to arbitration. New Administrator starting on April 19/21. No covid.
Gilmore Staff being moved around. 1 resignation. Staff being encouraged to complete their on-line learning.
Westpark 1 written verbal, going into outbreak. DFOC is gone as is the Environmental Services manager.
Woodlands 1-day suspension

Motion to accept all reports as read.
AM-M: Tanya Ward S: Albert Tetteh carried
PM-M: Kim Neal S: Tanya Ward carried.

Nominations and Elections
There will be no need to vote this month for the OD as Melissa will be allowing all nominees to attend.

Unfinished Business
By laws- Issue with Sec 14, no change. Sec 15vii will add “ where meals are not included”. Sec 17 amended to allow past retirees to be invited each year.

Motion to accept the Bylaws as amended.

AM-M: Bethany Jones S: Stephanie Fratangelo carried
PM-M: Cathy Pirson S: Joy Aldridge carried

New Business
Near misses when working short- Working short forms can be found on the Website under Resources. Packages with printed forms will be going out to the homes as well.
Region changes to Rapid Testing- Those staff who have been vaccinated will continue to be tested 3xweek. Those that are not will be swabbed
before every shift.
At Rapleje, the Local has been informed that the camera monitors have been moved to the back.
The Local wants to get our name “out there”. We have taken out an ad that will be printed on delivery bags for “Skip the Dishes” and “Uber Eats”.
The Local would also like to sponsor an under 16 sports team, probably in the way of Jerseys. Would like to do it for one team each of hockey, soccer and baseball.
Facebook- Please watch what you post. You may be disciplined. If you are commenting on said post, you are also sharing it and could also be
Need RTW reps at Valley Park, Lundy, Westpark, Tufford, Gateway and Linhaven. If interested or know someone who is, please Contact Tammy by April 19/21.
We have some overstocked hoodies available for $10 each. Call the office to arrange a time for pick up if interested.
LOU for those who gave up a Region job to work at their other job during the Pandemic, you will not lose your job. You can come back to it once the Pandemic is over.
If you post into another CUPE local, your position will be held for 18 months, then you must return to your 1263 position. Your seniority and
vacation will remain with 1263 and your seniority will be frozen. You will be starting at the bottom of seniority at the other local.

In the PM, a question was asked by Rueben on behalf of another staff in a special program. Why are they paying Union dues and why have they not received any of the $5,000? Melissa stated that employees in the 2 programs are covered by our collective agreement and that is why dues are
deducted, There is an obligation of hours to fulfil for the $5,000 and it is done in instalments.

Good of The Union Nothing brought forward in the AM. In the PM, Sharon
Brazeau will be calling the office to put forth a name.
Kirsten Wylde also wanted to thank Sharon for the great work she is doing with the Unit Officer and Steward training. Melissa echoed the sentiment

Motion to adjourn at 9:55am and 6:54pm

AM-M Stephanie Fratangelo S: Michelle Bradley carried
PM-M: Linda D’Addario S: James Dugas carried
Respectfully Submitted,
Diane Cormier