Summary of February 1, 2021

GMM Meeting Minutes

A moment of silence was held at both Am and PM meetings in memory of Sister Sharon Bezotosny.

Questions regarding the COVID Vaccine were answered from the previous meeting, ie: if you have already tested positive for COVID-19, you must wait at least 3 months before you can be vaccinated. New Vaccine Clinic being set up at the Seymour-Hannah Sports Complex on W. St. Paul St and be operational effective February 17, 2021.

Executive Reports

Region – Two homes in outbreak, another in suspected outbreak. Hearing Step 2 Grievances on February 2nd and Labour Management meeting on Feb 8th.

Private – Tufford still in outbreak, both nursing and Retirement. Nursing Home prepping for bargaining next week with three dates in March for negotiations. Valley Park going to Conciliation for their Collective Agreement.

WSIB/RTW – Two LTD claims approved, one denied and being appealed. Two successful Loss of Earnings claims. Seven COVID claims pending approval. Updated medical reports are usually due every two weeks. Be sure to hand them in on time. Phone support available for injured workers.

Important to fill out workplace exposure form as well as Form 6 if you have symptoms and have tested positive. Under areas of body, select other and write COVID-19.

Support your co-workers. If you’re hearing gossip, shut it down…

Nominations were held for 1, 2 and 3 year trustees. All positions were acclaimed.
Nominations also held for Regional Bargaining Committee with Election to be held  March 1st.

New Business

A motion was passed at Executive to change the PM meeting time from 7pm to 6pm and was approved at both meetings. Will become effective March 1, 2021.

A motion was passed at executive to get rid of or donate some items no longer n use at the office and was approved at both meetings.
A notice of motion will be brought forward at march meeting to vote on proposed changes to out bylaws. The proposed changes will be posted on our website.

Redeployment staff will be coming back into the Regional Homes.

Disciplines going out over medicals not being handed in on time.

Proposals going out to the Regional homes for bargaining and should be returned by February 24th.

Training will start for Unit Officers and Stewards on March 3rd and will continue weekly.

Good of the Union – Usually consists of 50/50 and swag, which will continue when we are finally able to meet in person again, but the local would like to hear about members who might be sick or distressed. The local might be able to send out an appeal or even just send flowers to let members now that they are not alone.

Staff are asking about swabs. Some members are bleeding afterwards. Should they fill out an incident report? Yes. There is a different test available where there is a swab of the tonsils as well as just inside the nares.