Public Health declared my worksite as a COVID-19 outbreak. What should I do if I believe I was exposed to COVID-19 while at work, but I am not ill at this time?

Complete the WSIB Worker’s Exposure Incident Form

Public Health declared a covid-19 outbreak at my worksite and I tested positive. What should I do?

Tell your employer about your illness and any medical treatment you received right away. Complete an employee incident report and the WSIB Form 6 (Workers Report) or (click on injured or ill people; forms; overview; report injury/illness; report online and follow the instructions). If you are submitting online, please make sure you save the completed Form 6 as you will need to provide your employer a copy as per WSIB policy. Please ensure you provide the date Public Health declared your worksite to be in COVID-19 outbreak, when you tested positive, list any symptoms you are experiencing, the work that you do. Some employers are paying their employees when they have tested positive and are quarantining. If this is the case for you, please ensure you check yes to question F3.